Chatfield State Park and other test sites


Tracking At Chatfield State Park

Chatfield State Park rules require that dogs be on a 6 foot or shorter lead, unless in the Dog training area. Park rules also prohibit parking on any of the park roads.Denver Foothills Tracking Association has requested and received a permit for year-round Tracking Training and Certification in Chatfield State Park. The permit allows up to a 40 ft lead while tracking, and defines locations (outside the Dog training area) in the Park where personnel are authorized to track. If you are tracking outside of these defined areas, you are at risk for a ticket. Tracking is allowed only in the fields along the main park road, from Deer Creek to the Heronry Parking Lot. Tracking is not allowed in the balloon launch area if balloon operations are ongoing. The areas where tracking is allowed for training are highlighted in yellow on the attached map.When tracking in Chatfield State Park, it is required that you park in designated parking areas only. You are at risk for a ticket if you park on any of the Park Roads, or outside of an established parking lot. The DFTA Tracking Permit grants permission to park on the Park roads under specified, controlled, circumstances. This provision of the permit is only available to DFTA members.If you are tracking in Chatfield, please enjoy your experience, and honor the park rules and the provisions of the DFTA permit. Although the permit imposes more restrictions than we have seen in past years, there are a lot more people and groups using the park, than in the past. The Park Management could prohibit tracking in the future, if we do not comply with the Park Rules and the provisions of the Training Permit.It should be noted, that Tracking tests are held under different permits that allow use of additional areas in the park. Test permits also allow use of dirt roads and parking on Park Roads to facilitate access for the test. DO NOT assume that if we did it during a test, you can do it during training. If you have any questions about what the rules are for tracking in Chatfield State Park, please call Jean Hilbig at 303-467-2499 or Lynn Kaemmerer, at 303-794-9246.

See the areas available for training at Chatfield State Park:

Tracking practice for general public

Directions to Chatfield for January

VST’s at Denver West Office Park


Denver West Properties is the location of DFTA’s Variable Surface Tracks.  There are 22 office buildings located throughout the office park, which offer challenges for the VST tracks.  There are many statues in the park as well as water challenges, soccer fields, baseball fields and picnic areas.  We are privileged to have the use of this park for our tests.